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Deadline | 01.06.2019

Das VIS - Nordic Journal für künstlerische Forschung hat den Call for Expositions für die 3. Ausgabe eröffnet. Das Thema lautet „History Now“, Herausgeber ist Magnus Bärtås.

Mehr Informationen in English:

The writing of history and the interpretation of events from the past become incredibly powerful and emotive questions of identity in families, local contexts, and nations. Ways of dealing with historical events, cultural inheritance matters and cultural canon issues are constantly being negotiated, forever becoming questions of national self-image, of remembering and forgetting, of inclusion and exclusion, of elimination and (re)discovery. Our stories and interpretations of history give rise to the fundamental questions of existential politics: where do we come from, where are we, and where are we going?

For this issue, we’re looking for expositions in which artistic practice addresses manifestations of history in the present. Read the full text here!

How to submit

Create, design and submit an exposition (in draft) using the database Research Catalogue (RC). Submit your exposition by 1 June 2019 at the latest to the VIS Portal Page in RC. You should consider your “exposition-draft” as only a proposal. You can leave notes within the draft that explain further developments and ideas. If your proposal is chosen by the Editorial Committee, it will be peer-reviewed and you will have about 4-5 months to edit it before publication in VIS Journal. The Editorial Committee selects five-to-eight contributions to each issue of VIS.

Read more about the submission process on our website visjournal.nu.