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Workshop | 10.12.2020, 09.00 h - 04.30 h
Ort | Zoom

The workshop Time and Self - Organization is designed to improve your own style of work, goal-development and scheduling.

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Participants learn about and apply tools of time management, organize their different life roles and gain ways to cope with stress.


  • learn and apply methods of goal planning and time management tools
  • Ideas to find work- life balance


  • identification of personal work style (persolog personality model) and of time traps
  • develop ways for effective use of time
  • define goals, implement plans and manage (scientific) projects
  • effectiveness versus efficiency - methods of prioritization
  • scheduling instruments
  • minimize stress by focusing on personal energies

Methods: Trainer input, self-reflection, individual and group work, group discussions, exchanges of experience


Andrea Tschirf, PhD, trainer and coach with focus on science and universities, key areas are time management, communication and team building, Lecturer (University of Innsbruck), author.

Note: The workshop is held online via Zoom.

Registrations please via email with the subject "Workshop 10th December 2020" via m.sindelar@akbild.ac.at.