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Datum | 01.04.2021 - 14.04.2021
Ort | Karlsplatz Wien, Passage zwischen U1, U2 und U4

An exhibition by students of the Studio of Art and Photography.

Partizipants: Alessandro Albrecht, Benedikt Büllingen, Anna Dian, Kathrin Hanga, Olesya Kleymenova, Katarina Michelitsch, Viktoria Morgenstern, Paul Seipel, Nina Rechberg, Olga Shapovalova


Photo ©  Alessandro Albrecht


Based on the historical relevance of the cabinet of curiosities we created a contemporary interpretation assembling a relatively broad variety of works. The space invokes a range of associations deriving from the displayed objects and juxtaposes related discourses on current situations. The purpose of this show is to address the public with a sense of wonder about the connections between things, minds and surroundings.

Helm auf Sockel Olga Shapovalova, Behind the bar, 2021, porcelain, kobalt net, photo © Alessandro Albrecht 

Resonance is the ability of the displayed object to reach out beyond its formal boundaries to a larger world, evoking and propagating the complex and dynamic forces, from which it has emerged. By wonder, we mean the power of an object to stop the viewer in her tracks, hence to provoke an arresting sense of intriguing unusualness, conveying a particular state of attention. Resonance and Wonder - the Wunderkammer stimulates both at the same time. At the occurrence of the cabinets, where the worldview of people found a response (believed) in a miracle (wonder), people discovered the linkages between things, and also between things and spirit and nature, everywhere. Each object was wonderful in itself, and at the same time revealed the secrets of the world.

An die Wand gelehnter Screen mit Hand Anna Dian, Haptilia {die Welt begreifen}, 2021, performance, film 19:20 min, photo © Alessandro Albrecht 

The idea of the Wunderkammer seems to be suitably ambivalent for times, where the appreciation and awareness of art seem to be reduced and artistic production, in its turn, is perceived as redundant and not essential for everyday life. The sense of wonder appearing in the shifts of perception is, however, vital, and by no means superfluous. Contrary to current tendencies, it seems even more important to infuse the public sphere with a sense of curiosity and insight. The use of the idea of the Wunderkammer is a way of expressing those feelings as well as framing the works crowded in a narrow space.

Diverse Objekte im Raum Viktoria Morgenstern, Cool bleiben/Staying cool, 2020, painted steel, 140 x 60 x 60cm, photo © Alessandro Albrecht