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Symposium | 24.06.2015 - 25.06.2015
Ort | Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Institutsgebäude, Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3, 1070 Wien, 3.06

A collaboration between the Institute for Education in the Arts/Fashions and Styles (IKL) and Postconceptual Art (PCAP)/Institute for Fine Arts (IBK).
24.06.2015: 15.00 – 20.30 h
25.06.2015: 17.00 – 20.15 h


The symposium Fragments of Empire brings together critical research and interventions in the history of spaces / and the history of mobilisation that has taken/ and just now takes place.  Its theoretical and artistic lectures are situated in the social and political fields of textile and media histories and focus on the relation of labour, capital, migration, and archives. The participants deal with very concrete historical or contemporary case studies, where the local is set up as starting point for the analysis of translocal power structures. They act and reflect upon alternative, critical, intervention narratives that articulate themselves as transformative, theoretical and respectively artistic interventions.

The speakers for Collaborative Futures are from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Austria) from Ljubljana (Slovenia), and from Ukraine, they are students, young researchers, professors, artists and scholars.

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Wednesday 24.06.2015 15.00 – 20.30

15.00 Fragments of Empire
Simonetta Ferfoglia, Elke Gaugele & Heinrich Pichler

15.30 5:36 / The Times They Are A Changin´
Michaela Landrichter, Manuela Maderthaner, Viktoria Mayer,
Rita Sabri, Anneliese Schrenk & Elias Berner

15.45 Museum of the Workers
Bojana Piškur, Ljubljana, Slovenia

16.30 Gewässerblau
Miro Schawalder

17.15 - 17.30 drinks

17.30 Genealogy of Amnesia
Marina Gržinić & Aneta Stojnić

18.00 Reflection on Anti-Muslim Racism
Neda Hosseinyar

18.30 Welcome to (R)austria
Ismail Karaduman, James K. Skone, Betül Küpeli

19.15 Handschlagqualität. African Lace
Anna Hirschbühl and Cem-Samuel Metzler

19.30 The Race for “Participation”
Maja Hawlina and Bor Pungerčič, Ljubljana, Slovenia

20.15 Sepsis
Berivan Arslan, Teresa Maria Filz, Veronika Gaitzenauer, Nevena Petrović

Thursday 25.06.2015 17.00 – 20.15

17.00 Aus dem Alltag
Martin Weichselbaumer

17.30 Textil Müller
Caroline Urwalek and Suna Chiara Tarhan

17.45 piece rate - all in
Elisabeth Lamche

18.00 Entwürfe (Drafts)
Juri Schaden

18.30 „Media Art History in Ukraine”
Ianina Prudenko, Kiev, Ukraine