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Datum | 30.05.2017, 17.00 h
Ort | Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8, 1060 Wien, 2. OG Atelier Süd

Presentation of students’ animation works from the workshop by artist in residence Pablo Toulouse (Argentina) and exhibition of students’ new projects at the Studio for Post-Conceptual Art Practices (PCAP)


Katherine Lehnerer, fuck it – a mini-zine for everyone, 2017


Presentation of students’ animation works from the workshop by artist in residence Pablo Toulouse
Works by:

Catherina Franziska Lehnerer & Pato Wiesauer (animation: Magic is with in transition)Samira Fux, Sarah Jackel & Dana Rausch (animation: The tooth story)
Pietro Desiró & Tim Zeiler & Nora Manthei (animation: shift(ing))
Maira Caixeta & Mirabella Dziruni (animation: Cyber Reality)
Ali Saadat (animation: Rabbit)

Pablo Toulouse will revisit what was seen in the workshop and showing the material that has been produces out of it, in an open presentation. He will focus on one of the most prominent faces of animation, animation as praxis of resistance. Analyzing productions through history that developed new spaces for topics such as gender, sexual identities other than heteronormative ones, socio-economic issues such as structures of power and capitalization of resources. Question to be envisioned is “Has animation grown to be a powerful story telling tool for marginalized topics?” and how it influenced generations with politics of metaphors?
Workshop student mentor: Cecilia Tasso

Exhibition of  students’ new projects at Post-Conceptual Art Practices
Works by:
Samira Fux (newspaper Unter Palmen, Nr. 2, in collaboration with Dana Rausch, 2017)
Christian Guzy (installation, 2017)
Betül Küpeli and Esra Özmen (Schools of Tomorrow, Berlin, 2017, report)
Grace Marta Latigo and Cecilia Tasso (ich kündige!, stand-up-antiblog, 2017)

Catherine Lehnerer and Aniela Helen Guse (video installation Dieses Spiel ist kein Lebensersatz, 2017)
Nora Manthei (Keilrahmen I, 55 x 52 x 200 cm, 2017)
Mika Maruyama (traveling exhibition Behind the Terrain, Yogyakarta and Hanoi, 2017, report)
Manuel Prammer (Heart bit and the new atelier space, 2017, report)
Camila Rhodi (What if?, intervention, 2017)
Mehrnoosh Roshanaei (video installation Yonder, 2017)

ERASMUS SS 2017:  Vienna in 4 months – a book project
Artist booklets by
Catherine Lehnerer: fuck it – A MINI-ZINE FOR EVERYONE
Nora Manthei: 15.02.2017 – 30.05.2017
Mehrnoosh Roshanaei
Genevieve Strong

Muzaffer Hasaltay: Nase Zine, numbers 1 to 4