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Datum | 16.10.2017, 19.00 h
Ort | Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Augasse 2–6, 1090 Wien, 1.15A

Lecture by François Roche | Guestprofessor for ADP_Analogue Production Digital Production. IKA Lecture Winter Term 2017/18


© _”s/he”_newT, François Roche


… Experimental architecture has shifted toward a new corpus of instrumentations, made out of tools, computation, mechanization, as well as of fictions and lines of subjectivity, synchronous with our symptoms of fears and fantasies of escape from the here and now. The purpose of this 1993–2050 flashback is to explore correlations and interdependencies between attitudes and the forms they underpin. It is to discover a post-digital, post-human, post-activist, post-democratic, post-feminist world … a queer, androgynous, carnal, disturbing, disenchanted, pornographic, transient, transactional world … where scenarios, mechanisms, misunderstandings, and psychological and physiological fragments are what make up walls and ceilings, cellars and attics … schizoid and paranoid, between the lines of operative and critical fictions … the androgynous folds and recesses behind which … he/she/they … hide(s), trigger(s) confusion and gut reactions, hostilities, fantasized idealization, and even premeditated oblivion. We must use paradoxical postures and aesthetic mechanisms to highlight bio-political challenges, the potentials and disorders of contemporary technologies, from their early stages to their merchandising, and suspect them of not being so harmless, beyond conventional discourses and self-conscious aesthetics …

S/He consider architectural identity as emanating from uncertainty principles, defined through provisional processes and forms in which animism, vitalism and mechanism become vectors of dynamic mutations. S/He critically engage contemporary technology in experiments, alchemically mixing Eros and Thanatos to develop deliberately ambiguous scenarios that fuse realities that would seem immiscible. Her/His synthetic devices work out possibilities somewhere between attractions and aversions, mixing obstacles and possibilities, waste material and efflorescence, threats and protections, mechanical powers and natural forces. Here everything is intertwined and knotted, in the process of becoming, in a movement of becoming. “Let yourself slip through their work and feel its silky and strange texture as it terrifies and caresses you.”