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Datum | 15.03.2018, 19.00 h
Ort | Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Augasse 2–6, 1090 Wien, Forum, 1.17A

The lecture by Hélène Frichot and the event Architecture & Feminisms at ÖGFA take place in the context of the Gender Lecture "Feminist Ecologies", summer term 2018, taught by Karin Reisinger (IKA).


© Hélène Frichot


This lecture offers a brief introduction to my forthcoming book, Creative Ecologies: Theorizing the Practice of Architecture. By addressing ecologies of practice as a central conceptual and methodological formulation I acknowledge my debt to the philosopher of science Isabelle Stengers, who insists that no practice should be considered as just like any other, and that each practice is organised by obligations and requirements specific to its concerns and disciplinary milieu. From the midst of their own practices, attempting to undertake immanent critique and articulate the outlines of a feminist ethos, Stengers and Vinciane Despret issue the urgent call: think, we must! Stengers also points out that practices are at constant risk of exhaustion. A cartography of exhaustion, the exhaustion of things, of voices, of spaces and images forms an undercurrent to Creative Ecologies, which is otherwise populated with practice scenes wherein minor creative practitioners undertake their work at disciplinary peripheries. To tell the story of Creative Practices, I will focus on the three guides who help me organise the three parts of the book, dedicated to the surveying of environment-worlds, the gleaning of things and the thinking of (un)thinkables. Practices, much like ecologies, are neither good nor bad, but jostle alongside each other, resulting in the diminution of some compositions and the strengthening of others.

Dr Hélène Frichot is Associate Professor and Docent in the School of Architecture, KTH, Stockholm, and the director of Critical Studies in Architecture. Her research examines the transdisciplinary field between architecture and philosophy. In 2017 she was the recipient of a Riksbankens Jubileumsfond sabbatical grant, one outcome of which is a forthcoming book with Bloomsbury called Creative Ecologies (2018). She is a co-editor of Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies (2017), Deleuze and the City (2016), and Deleuze and Architecture (2013).

ÖGFA_Büchersalon 03: Easy Reader - Architecture & Feminisms
Friday 16.03.2018, 19h, IG Architektur