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Datum | 02.03.2020 - 26.05.2020
Ort | IKA Online

IKA Lecture Series 2019/2020 HITZE TAKES COMMAND, organised and curated by Hannes Stiefel.
We will keep you informed about new dates and formats.


HITZE [heat] as a property of bodies, spaces and regions has shaped and continues to shape our thinking about architecture and cities. The lecture series, part of IKA’s 2019/2020 special programme HITZE TAKES COMMAND, examines the spatial culture of temperature, and its broader social and political implications, through the eyes of a number of contemporary thinkers. The historians, artists, scientists and architects assembled in this lecture series will explore the topic of HITZE in dimensions ranging from the soup pot to the troposphere.

Who can think of the future today without consideration of HITZE? Every exceptionally warm day is imagined as portending future disaster, while a sudden cold day provides hope that the ravages of climate change might be mitigated. Our experience of HITZE is overburdened with dread and yet, HITZE is also a form of pleasure – integral to sensations of taste, comfort and sexuality. We hope to discover and understand more about the realm of HITZE in explorations of fields that will shape the future of architecture and urbanism. 

16 March 2020
Sohyi Kim

Chef, restaurant Kim kocht, Vienna
Hitze – Kochen – Essen

30 March 2020
Brian Cody

Head of the Institute of Buildings and Energy, Graz University of Technology
Form Follows Energy

20 April 2020
Claudia Bosse

Choreographer and Director, theatercombinat, Vienna
The heat of inner organs_microcosmic and macrocosmic constellations

25 May 2020
Peter Sellars

Distinguished Professor, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance
The architecture of injustice, and the architecture of justice

]a[  The IKA cancels all events in the frame of the Lecture Series Summer 2020 for the time being. Nevertheless we would like to announce the planned program. We will keep you informed about the further procedure and possible new dates and formats via our newsletter, on our website and social media channels.

]a[  Das IKA setzt vorläufig alle geplanten Veranstaltungen im Rahmen der Lecture Series Sommer 2020 aus. Trotzdem möchten wir hiermit das geplante Programm kommunizieren. Über die weitere Vorgangsweise und ggf. neue Termine und Formate halten wir Sie über unseren Newsletter sowie auf unserer Website und Social-Media-Kanälen am Laufenden.