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Dissertant_in: Anna T.
Betreuer_in: Anette Baldauf
Studienrichtung: PhD in Practice
Schlagwörter: Opacity, Minor Literature, Gilles Deleuze, Guattari, Anzaldua, Queer, Lavender Linguistics, Cage, Glissant


With the expression “come out of the closet” as a starting point, this research project explores how and where this proverbial space exists, how language constructs notional and social spaces and how these spaces in turn create language. I share ten slang varieties from around the world (which I will somewhat generalising call “queer”) and target the question of how queer is constituted linguistically, and performatively. I borrow Édouard Glissant's concept of “opacity” as a tactic against kyriarchy and oppression, and expand the slangs' reading through it and other tactics such as silence, detour, and passivity as performative methods of survival and resistance. Using Deleuze and Guattari's reading of Kafka and their concept of “minor literature” I unearth further characteristics of the slangs and their political function. Next I analyse the familial terms used in some of the slangs and exploring the ways in which they are semantically altered, re-inscribed, appropriated, and subverted I ask whether this tactic signifies a need for something along lines of affect, connecting, and caring. Through reading the slangs via a post-colonial prism, the Deleuzoguattarian notion of “minor literature”, and their familial terms, I try to offer a reparative reading of the proverbial closet, as a potentiality that is neither in the past nor in the future, but opens up – through self-care and community-forming – spaces of hope, and the possibility of a nextness. Throughout this project autobiographical elements are intertwined with more “standard” forms of research often using my artwork to further an argument or using the artistic process as the research process.


Anna T. has a BA in Photography, Video and New Media, and an MA in Queer Studies in arts & Culture. She is a multidisciplinary artist exploring social structures, physical and notional time and space, as well as privacy and popular (sub) culture(s). Her work brings to the foreground and examines norms and (non) normative performances.