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Anne Faucheret ist Mentorin von Ksenia Yurkova


Anne Faucheret, Foto © Marlene Rahmann


Anne Faucheret is a contemporary art historian, art critic and contemporary art curator. Since 2014, she has been a curator at Kunsthalle Wien. In recent years, she has curated among others the following shows: Hysterical Mining (2019, together with Vanessa J. Müller), Work it, feel it! (2017) or The Promise of Total Automation (2016). From 2010 to 2015, she was a curatorial advisor and assistant curator for visual arts at the steirischer herbst festival, Graz, where she co-curated the 24/7 marathon-camp Truth is concrete (2012). She regularly contributes to international art magazines as well as to artistic publications. She was co-editor of the book Truth is concrete. A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics (2014) and The Promise of Total Automation (2016).

Her research revolves around the relation between art, bodies and technologies, their entangled imaginaries and politics. More generally, she is interested in alternative methods of knowledge(s) production and in new ways of experiencing togetherness, challenging the western anthropocentric tradition and embracing feminist practices.