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Vortragsreihe Wintersemester 2005/2006
Institut für Kunst und Architektur


The winter term lecture series aims to focus on recent developments in advanced geometry and to speculate on its impact on the discipline of Architecture.

While geometry has always constituted one of the architect's most basic tools, a renewed interest in advanced geometry in Architecture has emerged in recent years.
This renaissance is largely due to the advancement of two fields: the development of digital technologies in both modelling and representation on the one hand and the development of new materials, fabrication techniques and assembly on the other.

Computer technologies have expanded possibilities to generate and describe complex geometries (be it non-euclidean, anexact or computational geometries). Surface topologies and double-curvature, tiling and subdividing algorithms have grown to be more than mere theoretical or analogue models, but viable and conceivable models within the architectural practice. Due to this tendency, disciplines that genuinely deal with complex geometries, like mathematics and physics, gain increasing attention in the field of architecture.

Furthermore, new digital tools and methods have recently triggered advancements and innovations in fabrication techniques and new material technology. Complex geometries are simultaneously being investigated on a microscopic scale in order to enhance specific material performances. Advanced geometries have thus entered the realm of actual and materialized architecture.

30.11.2005, 19.00 h, M 13
Johannes Wallner| Professor for Discrete Mathematics and Geometry, Technische Universität Wien
What can geometry do for you?

15.12.2005, 19.00 h, M 13
Axel Thallemer | Dean of Institute of Space and Design and Head of Industrial Design, Universität für industrielle und künstlerische Gestaltung Linz
Fluidic Structures

10.01.2006, 19.00 h, Aula
Chris Williams | Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering, University of Bath
The computation of geometry

17.01.2006, 19.00 h, Aula
François Roche | Architect, R&Sie(n) Paris
If you think this world bad, you should see some others

24.01.2006, 19.00 h, Aula
Preston Scott Cohen | Professor of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Discursive Geometry in Architecture

Eine Vortragsreihe des Institutes für Kunst und Architektur
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Schillerplatz 3
1010 Wien

Kuratiert und organisiert von:
Stefan Gruber
Erhard An-He Kinzelbach
Antje Lehn

Antje Lehn