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WALK & TALKS | 05.06.2021, 16.00 h
Ort | Treffpunkt wird per E-Mail bekanntgegeben

Stadtspaziergang zusammen mit Carla Schwaderer - Feminist Publicness - Accessibility and usage of public space

Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen von 100 Jahre Zulassung von Frauen an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien


In 2021 we celebrate 100 years of admission of women at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This accomplishment of equality should not stop at the boundaries of our institutions. Does this important step towards equality in architecture also manifest in the urban space of Vienna? Where can we find gender-biased implications within the built environment?

Through a series of guided tours, Stadtspaziergänge, we will explore our city from a feminist perspective, stepping into the role of the flâneuse [1]. In this regard it helps us extend our understanding of the urban domain and its tension between city-as-barrier and city-as-possibility [2]. The program explores themes ranging from mobility, security, public space, to housing, work and consumption, and how these are linked to inclusive planning and gender equitable cities. We will be accompanied by experts during these walks through the city and maintain discussions with the participants – the flâneuses. What does lighting mean in planning gender equal cities? Why is expanding pedestrian ways and cycle lanes a feminist planning tool? How can equal access to public toilets for women* be ensured?

Lila Plakat mit der Aufschrift "How are our cities sexist?" 


02.06.2021, 18.00 h
together with Sabina Riß - Mind the gap! A feminist take at mobility and urban public space

05.06.2021, 16.00 h
together with Carla Schwaderer - Feminist Publicness - Accessibility and usage of public space

26.06.2021, 15.00 h
together with Sabine Pollak - A room of one’s own - Urban planning through the female lens

The participation is open to the public. Limited places available, please register before and via email: registerforwalk@gmail.com
Exact meeting point will be announced via email to the registered participants.
Organized and initiated by Mona Steinmetzer, Christina Ehrmann und Christopher Gruber (Students of the IKA)

[1] flâneuse: from the French verb flâner, the flâneur is 'one who wanders aimlessly' (Wiktionary), 'not doing anything in particular but watching people and society' (Cambridge Dictionary) and was used as a gendered noun.
[2] Kern, Leslie. Feminist city. London: Verso Books, 2019.