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Jannike Edlund (rechts) mit ihrer Schwester Nadja


Jannike Edlund, Studentin der Bildenden Kunst bei Dorit Margreiter und Gunter Damisch an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, ist am 24. Mai 2013 im Alter von 23 Jahren überraschend verstorben. Jannike kam vor einem Jahr aus Schweden an die Akademie und hat in dieser Zeit viele Freund_innen unter den Studierenden und Lehrenden gefunden. Ihre stillen, sensiblen Arbeiten haben viele bewundert. Die Akademie trauert mit Jannikes Familie, ihrer Mutter Annette, Vater Jan, Schwester Nadja, ihrem besten Freund Tommy sowie mit der Familie ihrer Tante Catharina, Emma, Elina und Per. Wir alle haben einen schweren Verlust erlitten und werden Jannike sehr vermissen.

Jannike Edlund, who was a student of fine arts with Dorit Margreiter and Gunter Damisch at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has suddenly died on 24 May 2013 at age 23. A year ago Jannike came from Sweden to the Academy and found many friends among students and faculty here. Her quiet and sensitive artistic work was admired by many of her colleagues. The Academy is mourning together with Jannike's family, her mother Annette, father Jan, sister Nadja, her best friend Tommy as well as her aunt Catharina's family,  Emma, Elina and Per. We have all suffered a great loss and will miss Jannike very much.

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Dear family and friends of Jannike,
I want to offer my sincere condolences on behalf on this so sad loss. Jannike was a student in my drawing class, and i liked her very much, she was such an nice and lovely person. I was always happy to meet her, and also see her strong and in the same time sensitive works.
I am very sad, and I will always remember her.
Veronika Dirnhofer

Dear family and friends of Jannike Edlund,
My warmest of condolences for your loss. I studied with Jannike in the Dorit Margreiter class and we also shared a drawing class. We talked many times. I am a neighboor from Denmark. During christmas she told me about going back home and all the things she loved to do during the winter time in Sweden. She was very, very sweet. I am sorry to hear this sad news. I hope that you will keep strong during this tragic time.

This is really shocking and I am very sad.
My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Laia Fabre , student of Dorit Margreiter

Dear family,
I'm deeply sorry! I'm touched and shocked and very very sad. I was Jannike's german teacher and I appreciated her a lot as a student and person. She impressed me with her eloquent, perfectly written texts and her great knowledge about literature. For a homework, she once described her favourite place in Vienna, Café Jelinek, and I immediately felt close to her because I also like the place. I think from now on, every time I go there, I will think about Jannike. She will stay in my mind.

Barbara Mairleitner

Dear parents of Jannike,
I again want to express my deepest condolences to you. It was an intense moment of grief, when you both (with Jannike's ant and cousin) visited the academy to talk to Jannike's teachers and see where your daughter had studied. I want to thank you for sharing memories of Jannike with us.
I hope and wish for you that you are surrounded by love and support to live through the time of unspeakable pain and inconceivable loss. You will stay in my memory as much as your impressive and talented daughter will.
In our last class meeting before the summer break we all will remember Jannike together, talk about her and let her be present in our minds.
Take very much care. In sincere sympathy,

Marion Porten
Institute for Fine Arts / Video and Videoinstallation (assistant of Dorit Margreiter)

Dear Family and friends of Jannike,
Jannike was one of our students starting her studies in 2012 in Vienna, in the class of Dorit Margreiter, "Video and Video Installation". She was such a friendly and such a smart person. I still see her sitting in our class when she started last october.
We were very impressed about her work when she applied to study here at the academy. It was immediately clear for us that we will accept her in our class. This is very rare.
I am still shocked and I often think of her.
We will speak about Jannike and remember her in our next class meeting on Tuesday - all together with her former classmates of "Video and Videoinstallation".
I also often think of her family that we met last week here in Vienna to express our deepest condolences. I learned a lot about her in speaking with her family.
I will never forget Jannike!

Sasha Pirker
Teaching member at "Video and Videoinstallation"

Dear family and friends of Jannike,
my deepest condolences to you. I am so sorry for your big loss.
When I think of Jannike, I think of  her as quiet but so friendly and warm-hearted woman.
We also shared a drawing class last semester and I will always remember her beautiful and sensitive drawings.
I will keep Jannike in my memory.

Martina Stapf, student of Dorit Margreiter

Dear Family and Friends of Jannike,
When we heard the sad news we were deeply shocked and fell silent. Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to get to know our colleague Jannike very well, but we are very impressed and moved by what we hear from other students that knew her better. We are very sad for your deep loss and would like to express our warmest condolences to you.
Sophie and Philipp (students of Dorit Margreiter)

Dear family and friends of Jannike,
I was very shocked to hear that Jannike is gone. Marion and Sasha have told us about your trip to Vienna to visit the places where Jannike studied. It was very moving to hear about how you are dealing with the unimaginable loss of a loving person. I wish you all the love and all the best.
Adnan Balet

Dear Family of Jannike,
Jannike was in our class when she started her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. I remember very clearly when she came for the entrance exams and showed her work. Her videos and drawings impressed everybody with her thoughtful and very poetic approach to a wide range of subjects, especially film and performance.
I very often think of meeting you all here in Vienna, the family together with Jannikes aunt and cousin. Thank you sharing the memories with us and letting us meet her loving family. We were all so sad and shocked when we heard about your loss. Again my deepest condolences to you and strength and love throughout these difficult times. I will always remember Jannike.

Dorit Margreiter
Professor for Video and Videoinstallation