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Academy Album: A guide in 52 miniatures by Amina Handke

A jury selected Amina Handke to create an artistic video portrait of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna highlighting its history and present. The Academy Album comprises fifty-two short episodes produced throughout the jubilee year 2017 to be presented on the landing page of the Academy’s website on a weekly basis. The episodes explore concepts of art, science, and teaching, interpreting them in different ways by pursuing an experimental, informative, absurd and/or documentary line:

Aimed at a polyphonic, varied result, Amina Handke’s work involves different people from all spheres of the Academy or people close to the institution in the production as protagonists. These people’s individual approaches and expertise convey the development and wide range of artistic forms, documenting exemplary instants in playful or off-wall glimpses. While artistic disciplines are “explained” in YouTube tutorials, for example, historical moments are re-enacted or critically examined in tableaux vivants. The video portrait restages or explains situations from the Academy’s everyday life like an educational film and sheds light on the institution’s often seemingly inscrutable structures in graphic animations.

Amina Handke’s
cross-disciplinary works relies on video, photography, and performative means, as well as on objects, drawings, and texts. She was and is active in multiple artistic and cultural fields: TV, film and multimedia, theater, performance, music, and youth work. Her main interest lies in the analysis of social norms and the complex and contradictory constructions of identities and authenticity