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Free Republic of Vienna - Wiener Festwochen

Organisational Units
Art and Architecture
Location Description
Volkskundemuseum Wien
Laudongasse 15-19
1080 Vienna

23 scenographers from the scenography class under the direction of Nina von Mechow spent two semesters developing the central spaces of the Free Republic of Vienna. The Free Republic of Vienna is a project by Wiener Festwochen.

 Confronting historical models, they wondered: how does utopia manifest itself? What emerged are spaces that issue an invitation to take on unexpected perspectives, to try out alternative forms of community, to instigate a dialogue between the preliminaries and the unwritten future of the Free Republic of Vienna. Spaces to think and work, to eat and dance, spaces that are not static, but mutate over the course of the five weeks. To make this possible, the artists will operate an open workshop in the House of the Republic. Every second week, the Academy of Fine Arts scenographers will invite the audience on a tour of discovery of the house and to cast a look behind the facade.

Artistic team
Alma Rothacker, Anna Grebennikova, Aylin Mutuler, Carlos Alfonso Ibanez-Reyes, Constanze Bieber, David Degasper, Elia Kreutz, Elias Emil Borgeest, Emma Ait-Kaci, Hannah Lowe, Laila Rosenbauer, Louis Platzer, Marc Pierre, Marcus Möller, Nike Hartmond, Philipp Banholzer, Philipp Lossau,Qian Qin, Roman Berleth, Ruth Erharter, Shan Kim, Sophie Glaser

Nina von Mechow (IKA)

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