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The panels conceived by the Contemporary Exhibitions Office as part of the 2022 Rundgang addressed current issues in contemporary art that will feature in the Academy’s 2022 exhibition program.

Panel: Exhibiting as a collective practice

The concept and significance of collective tendencies within contemporary art has been a hot topic in recent years. Increasingly, not just artworks but exhibitions themselves are being realised in collective practice – documenta 15 in 2022, for example, is being organised by the Indonesian collective ruangrupa. The panel will reflect on collectivity with regard to the notion of authorship, the emergence of alternative social models, and how it relates to the current idea of sustainability. All of which are relevant to the academy’s exhibition programme and the conceptual design of its exhibition spaces Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, Exhibit Gallery, and Exhibit Studio. The panel thereby also offers insight into key focal points of this year’s exhibition programme.

Johan F. Hartle, rector
Sabeth Buchmann, art historian and critic, professor at the Institute for Art and Cultural Studies
Martin Beck, artist, professor and Head of the Institute for Education in the Arts
Natalia Gurova and Viktoria Bayer, coordinators of the Exhibit Studio
Moderation: Stephanie Damianitsch, Head of the Contemporary Exhibitions Office

Panel: Exhibiting as process

Based on the exhibition The Poiesis of Composting at Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, the panel will discuss the current relevance of a process-based approach to exhibiting. This draws on an emerging tendency in contemporary art to view exhibitions less as marketable products than as mutable formats and social modules loaded with opportunities for interaction. Does the Rundgang of the academy – which exemplifies this kind of approach – gain new relevance as an exhibition format when we look at it from this aspect? And to what extent does this perspective, particularly in the context of university exhibitions, lend more visibility to the artistic practices as well as teaching and research processes that are in progress.

Ingeborg Erhart, vice-rector for Art and Teaching
Andreas Spiegl,  professor and Head of Department of Art and Cultural Studies
Michael Höpfner, artist and lecturer in the Department of Art and Photography
Guilherme Maggessi, exhibition curator of The Poiesis of Composting
Moderation: Stephanie Damianitsch, Head of the Contemporary Exhibitions Office