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STATION on stage

Schwarzenbergplatz, 1010 Vienna
A project in the context of the focus Academy | Art | Public Sphere at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

STATION on stage is an invitation to young performers to use the traffic island at Schwarzenbergplatz for their performances and to use the stair sculpture "Verordnung" by Bartholomäus Kinner and Samuel Seger in front of the Schwarzenberg monument as a stage.


We would like to take the opportunity to facilitate a performative program with students and young graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the end of May and beginning of June 2021. We would like to offer young artists a platform on the traffic island of Schwarzenbergplatz and, after the long Corona break, initiate an artistic discussion with and around the stair sculpture "Regulation" by Bartholomäus Kinner and Samuel Seger and the Schwarzenberg monument and proactively use the situation in the midst of passing streetcars and between the two tram stations, with the people waiting for public transport. (Steffi Alte and Simone Bader)

With: Bita Bell, Katarina Csanyiova, Nana Dahlin, Pille-Riin Jaik, …

Performative Interventions at Schwarzenbergplatz


Limited number of participants - registration absolutely necessary!

Registration until May 18 for May 19, until May 25 for May 26, until June 1 for June 2, until June 15 for June 16 at:

Rosa 21 by Katarina Csanyiova
Wednesday, 26th of May, 17.00 h

Lalangue by Nana Dahlin
Wednesday, 2nd of June, 17.00 h

Another puma has capitalised the darkness by Pille-Riin Jaik
Tuesday, 8th of June, 17.00 h

Pachira by Bita Bell
Wednesday, 16th of June, 17.00 h

May day

At 9 a.m. a minibus parks at Schwarzenbergplatz and unloads 2000 carnations. Five people at a distance of 2 m from each other attach the carnations to the stair sculpture by Bartholomäus Kinner and Samuel Seger. On the first steps of the staircase the following writing is written in chalk (refrain from Bertolt Brecht's "Mailied für Kinder").
During the day, passers-by and people waiting for the streetcar can take the 2000 carnations as a gift. When all the carnations have been taken, the empty space will be left behind.
This action of Kommando S.Mirrorova is also connected with the performative intervention of Katarina Csanyiova on 26.05. at 17:00h.

Documentation by Melanie Hollaus and Christoph Lammerhuber:

Stairs with lettering and roses
May day, photo © Rainer Egger

Rosa 21 by Katarina Csanyiova
Wednesday, May, 26, 17.00

Dokumentation by Melanie Hollaus and Christoph Lammerhuber

Anlässlich ihres 150. Geburtstages kommt Rosa Luxemburg zu Besuch nach Wien. Sie bringt mit: eine Plane, Gewänder, 4 FraktionskollegInnen einen Satz Buchstaben und eine Stunde Zeit. Rosa fühlt sich dort zu Hause, wo es Wolken und Vögel und Menschentränen gibt. Katarina Csanyiova geb. 1982 in der Slowakei, lebt und arbeitet in Wien.

Schematic drawing of a staircase with numerous Hanschriftlichen remarks
Drawing, © Katarina Csanyiova 2021 on plan drawing by Bartholomäus Kinner and Samuel Seger 2019

Lalangue by Nana Dahlin
Wednesday, June, 2, 17.00

Documentation by Melanie Hollaus and Christoph Lammerhuber

30 min Music, text, performance, and installation by Nana Dahlin
Lalangue is a sculptural/scenographic/musical intervention set in a time and place where language is synthetic, glittery, and potentially toxic. There will be different characters and polyphonic voices searching for melody but ending up gossiping instead... "The house is on fire", "You killed the bluebird!", etc.

Nana Dahlin, born 1992 in Denmark, studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Works mostly in the fields of sculpture, music/singing, and writing. These fields come together in musical ”happenings”, paying close attention to the architectural and acoustic qualitities of a space and treating the voice as an independent entity, the main component and topic.

Blue drawing of a coat with a ying-yang symbol on the backels mit einem Ying-Yang- Zeichen auf dem Rücken
Drawing, © Nana Dahlin 2021

Another puma has capitalised the darkness by Pille-Riin Jaik
Tuesday, June, 8, 17.00

Documentation by Melanie Hollaus and Christoph Lammerhuber

25min performance, Pille-Riin Jaik feat. Klaus Rabeder. Supported by Nada Lokal.

The 25 min performance will be a spoken word ballade underlined by musical textures, dystopian dreams, deranged thoughts, misplaced soundscapes, utopian hopes and the heartaches of last year. The piece will include spoken word texts and poems, performative sitting sculptures and also Klaus Rabeder's live synth music.

Pille-Riin Jaik (from Tallinn, Estonia) is a Vienna based interdisciplinary artist working with video/performance as well as with sculpture and installation. She works with text, plants, surplus and waste materials/thoughts and situates them in a feminist and class-aware discourse. Klaus Rabeder is a musician, producer and mixing engineer based in Vienna. His focus lies in everything audio related, ranging from soundtrack works and recording to loop based ambient textures and post punkish explorations.

Black and white image with distorted eyes looking through a slit, above the writing "Another puma has capitalised the darkness" in green.
Photo, © Pille-Riin Jaik 2021

Pachira by Bita Bell
Wednesday, June, 16, 17.00
Without the right to remain,
I left you in the hands of others
hoping that you continue to
tall and green.
After months
of my name
being sunk
in the bureaucratic quicksand,
I returned only
to find your body
withered, stripped,
and your skin,
As I made my home
and kept the windows open
for the fresh summer breeze
to heal the traumatized memories
silenced within these walls,
with every millimeter
of your vein growing,
my resentful heart
to your resiliency.
your perseverance
taught me
to spread my toes
and pour my weight
on whichever step
my feet land on.
I remain.
poem and performance by Bita Bell.

Bita Bell is an international multimedia performing artist-activist born in Iran and educated at United World College of Hong Kong, Earlham College, and The Ohio State University where she received a MFA in dance. She is currently pursuing PhD at Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien while freelancing as a choreographer, performer, collaborator, dance teacher, and writer.

 Pencil drawing with a kind of chair on a carpet and a phlanze over the chair back
Drawing, © Bita Bell 2020