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Outgoing Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching – STA

Academy teaching staff have the chance of teaching for several days at a European higher education institution in an Erasmus+ Programme country.

The International Office will support you before, during and after the mobility programme and furnish you with all the forms and papers required. Please contact: Stephanie Baumgarten (


  • Current teaching contract with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • Teaching at the partner university: at least 8 hours/units on a minimum of two consecutive days (excluding the journey)
  • Erasmus+ contract between the Academy of Fine Arts and the partner university

Required at least 6 weeks BEFORE the mobility:

  • Informal invitation by a partner institution to teach there
  • Form: Dienstreiseantrag (trip application) Erasmus
  • Form: Mobility Agreement, signed by both institutions and the teaching staff member. The Mobility Agreement must mainly comprise: teaching content, objectives and added value of the mobility, expected results
  • Grant Agreement between the Academy and the teacher in the original
  • Letter of Confirmation for Teaching Assignment STA, have this confirmed/signed by the host institution after teaching

AFTER the mobility, the following final formalities must be completed:

  • Letter of Confirmation for Teaching Assignment sent to the International Office in the original
  • Dienstreiseabrechnung (travel expenses report) including all the invoices and receipts in the original
  • Online report, the link to which will be sent to you via e-mail

An Erasmus stay for teaching purposes can be combined with an Erasmus stay for training purposes. In this case, the teaching is reduced to four hours per week.