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Already in the early 1850ies, the Academy started to acquire works from the studios of Bisson frères, Édouard-Denis Baldus, Johann Franz Michiels and Fratelli Alinari, thus accumulating a collection of photographs which today comprises about 20000 including important works from the era of early photography.

The black and white photo shows a construction site situation in which a seated man is chiselling out ornaments on a column capital. Four other men are examining other capitals and observing what is happening. Other column parts and pieces of cornice are also lying on the floor. The scene takes place in front of a large wooden scaffolding. All men are wearing western clothes in the style of the late 19th century. Because of the shadows, their faces are not clearly visible. Petros Moraites
Athen, Akademie der Wissenschaften, Kapitelle und Friese auf der Baustelle, around 1870
Historical photographs from the inheritance of  Theophil Hansen, 360 x 500 mm
© Kupferstichkabinett (Graphic Collection) of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna