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Exhibition duration | 09.12.2020 - 13.03.2021, 8.00 p.m.
Venue | Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Eschenbachgasse 11 | at the corner of Getreidemarkt, 1010 Vienna

An exhibition in the context of xposit 2020: Draw a Distinction 


Raffaela Bielesch, Babsi willhabenblau, 2020 © Raffaela Bielesch


In her exhibition, Raffaela Bielesch (* 1984) traces our affective attachment to the world of things. By means of a photograph of a broken letter case and photograms of the precious objects previously placed in it, she refers to the diversity of those personal objects that we associate with idealistic meanings. She contrasts the letter case and photogram as analogous storage media with digitally generated patterns of objects offered on the online marketplace willhaben. The strategy of capturing, ordering and systematizing objects loaded with memories turns out to be dependent on the media possibilities of the time and at the same time a decisive factor in the construction of personal identity.

Photogram: Cross of objects on black photo paperm Raffaela Bielesch, Top 3 / x, 2020 © Raffaela Bielesch