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Under the umbrella term Exhibit, the exhibition area of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is concerned with enabling teachers, students and alumni_ae to engage in diverse practices of exhibiting, as well as to reflect on exhibitions as a medium. With the program of its three exhibition spaces and a discursive platform, the exhibition area of the Academy strives to operate at the interface of academic teaching and exhibition practice. At the same time, it presents the Academy’s contemporary production of knowledge and art to the general public.

Exhibit Gallery

The exhibitions presented in the Exhibit Gallery at Schillerplatz function as a mirror of the debates and activities taking place at the Academy. In addition to the diploma presentations, they give space in particular to projects that develop out of the teaching activities of the institutes and departments, or are designed as epoch-spanning collaboration between the art collections of the Academy and its contemporary art production.

Exhibit Eschenbachgasse

Exhibit Eschenbachgasse provides a platform for experimental and critical exhibition practice in the universitarian context. Exhibitions by curators and artists of the Academy are shown, which contribute to the discussion of current artistic, theoretical and sociopolitical issues. Furthermore, it is the space for solo exhibitions by graduates of the Academy.

Exhibit Studio

The Exhibit Studio at Schillerplatz offers students of the Academy the opportunity to realize their own projects on an area of about 100 square meters. The self-organized exhibition space of the students focuses on the exchange between the different institutes and departments and thus offers beside exhibition practice also a place of exchange about artistic questions and ideas.

Exhibit Forum

The Exhibit Forum at Getreidemarkt offers space for events that take place in the context of the exhibitions or deal with questions of exhibition theory and practice in general. The spatial forum is supplemented by an online platform of the same name. The contents of the exhibitions and the programs taking place in the forum are accessible here via various digital formats.

Exhibition Committee

Mirela Baciak
Claudia Bauer
Alexander Czernin
Stephanie Damianitsch
Ingeborg Erhart
Doris Guth
Fanny Hauser
Sophie Lingg
Andrea Salzmann
Lisa Schmidt-Colinet