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Venue | An der Wallhofgasse, 2320 Schwechat

To build a furnace it needs a community, out of this context and the common interest in ceramics the collaboration of the artists Tabea Marshall and Anna Paul started. Through the contact with Johannes Bodenseer (Wiener Provinz) and the possibility of using his field, several sculptural interventions of composition the place is conceived.

A project in the context of the focus Academy | Art | Public Sphere at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


warmth gathers us, photo © Marie Haefner


To approach the place, to investigate it and to intervene artistically. On this field we will build sculptures with the existing materials, which have a function, that of a furnace, to frame the field and as well as represent meeting places, which will be made accessible to the public. The clayey soil offers the materials for building, as does the wider environment. The confrontation with the place takes place on artistic, as well as theoretical level.

Two young women in a field warmth gathers us, photo © Marie Haefner 

burning fireplace warmth gathers us, photo © Marie Haefner