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STATION on stage
Performances | 19.05.2021 - 16.06.2021
Venue | Schwarzenbergplatz, 1010 Vienna

STATION on stage is an invitation to young performers to use the traffic island at Schwarzenbergplatz for their performances and to use the stair sculpture "Verordnung" by Bartholomäus Kinner and Samuel Seger in front of the Schwarzenberg monument as a stage.

warmth gathers us | creating and activating a common ground
Opening | 26.09.2021, 6.00 p.m.
from | 26.09.2021
Venue | An der Wallhofgasse, 2320 Schwechat

To build a furnace it needs a community, out of this context and the common interest in ceramics the collaboration with the artist Anna Paul started. Through the contact with Johannes Bodenseer (Wiener Provinz) and the possibility of using his field, several sculptural interventions of composition the place is conceived.

IBK | „es bewegt sich was“

Virtual Exhibition Space and Bar
Opening mid-June at

The is a virtual exhibition space linking real and virtual publics - a virtual bar where art is presented, mediated and received.

the future of the city - how do you want to live? An artistic and participatory hands-on project around an urban utopia.

The project is about developing a utopia for nothing less than the future of the city. The group is formed by students, teachers and interested city inhabitants.

The Photo Studio
Opening | 02.10.2021
Exhibition | 03.10.2021 - 24.10.2021
Venue | Grundsteingasse 40, 1160 Wien

Photo studios are spaces in which normative structures of our society, in particular in terms of gender, sexuality and body, become visible in a more compact form. In the shop windows of these studios, the highlights of the (heterosexual) family biography are often presented.

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