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The exhibition space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna operates at the interface between universitarian artistic-scholarly research and artistic practice and the international field of art. Not least with its semi-annual presentations of the students’ final works, xhibit serves as a mirror of the activities at the university for the outside world. It presents the Academy’s contemporary production of knowledge and art to the general public.

The xhibit exhibition series comprises presentations of curatorial and artistic positions from Austria and abroad; the projects are selected by the Academy’s Exhibition Committee. The exhibitions explore urgent sociopolitical and art-theoretical issues related to the current year’s special theme. Contemporary art, thus made tangible as a mode of thinking and acting, is always embedded in social contexts and has the potential to critically reflect these contexts. The Academy’s xhibit space provides not only a venue for the xhibit exhibition series but also a platform for the exchange of ideas within a complex transdisciplinary field of practice.

During the general refurbishment of the Academy building on Schillerplatz until 2021, the  shows are presented in the exhibition space on the corner of Eschenbachgasse and Getreidemarkt.