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The annual program of the xhibit format for 2020 comes under the heading “Performing Media.” Since the 1960s and Marshall McLuhan’s thesis “the medium is the message,” it has been agreed that media are not neutral mediators, vehicles, or instruments but always have a productive dimension as well. Not only do media convey reality, they also generate what is mediating and thus create reality. This calls for considering the extent to which media can be credited with a dimension that shapes and establishes culture, a dimension that has lost none of its topicality in view of the far-reaching technological developments of recent years. Central to this is the question of changes in our viewing habits and understanding of reality in the wake of phenomena associated with the use of the Internet and digital media.

Multiple Singluarities
March 13–September 6, 2020
Opening: Thu, March 12, 2020, 7 pm

New Views on Same-Olds
October 23, 2020–January 5 , 2021
Opening: Thu, October 22, 2020, 4–8 pm

„Motion into Being“ Reframed
Postponed to spring 2021