Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

The academy is getting a new visual identity. In addition, our website will be technically revised, further developed and adapted step by step. We thank our visitors for their patience. You can find more information to the corporate design on the microsite.

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As of October 2020 Akbild Forum has offered a new platform for the academy’s exhibition activities in several respects. Located at Getreidemarkt 12, the new space provides a site for discussion about the exhibitions presented next door as well as a framework for events related to exhibition theory and practice. The physical “forum” is supplemented by a digital platform of the same name, which transfers the discourse surrounding exhibition topics into the digital realm in various formats. Last but not least, Akbild Forum also provides an experimentation zone with its annual open call for students to produce artistic proposals for the space.

In their project “poodle orange bin ich aufgewacht” [I woke up poodle orange], Cosima Baum, Florian Hofer, Fabian Puttinger and Michael Reindel – four (alumni) students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – set out to trace this language of things at an institutional level. In an extensive study they set out in search of the stories that the chairs and other furnishings of the academy can tell us about the institution itself.