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The exhibition unit of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna strives to operate at the interface between academic teaching, artistic-scholarly research, and the international field of art. It is a place for discussing exhibition-related theoretical and practical questions and presents the Academy’s contemporary production of knowledge and art to the general public.

In 2010 the exhibition space for contemporary art was opened opposite the Paintings Gallery in the main building of the Academy on Schillerplatz, which will reopen after the general refurbishment of the Academy in fall 2021.The exhibitions at Schillerplatz serve as a mirror of the activities at the university for the outside world. Besides the presentations of the students’ final works, they give space to projects that develop out of the teaching activities of the institutes and departments, or are designed as epoch-spanning collaboration between the art collections of the Academy and its contemporary art production.

But also the exhibition space of the Academy located on the corner of Eschenbachgasse 11 and Getreidemarkt offers a platform for an experimental, thought-through and critical exhibition practice in the universitarian context. The aim of the exhibitions presented at Eschenbachgasse – that increasingly are cooperations with national and international partner institutions – support the Academy’s alumni, and contribute to the discussion of current artistic, theoretical and sociopolitical issues.

The Akbild Forum, located on Getreidemarkt 12, was opened in 2020 as a place for discussion about the exhibitions presented next door. It also provides the space for events that deal with questions of exhibition theory and practice in general. The spatial forum is supplemented by an online platform of the same name. The contents of the exhibitions and the programs taking place in the forum are accessible here via various digital formats.

Exhibition Committee

Mirela Baciak
Stephanie Damianitsch
Ingeborg Erhart
Doris Guth
Fanny Hauser
Elke Krasny
Andrea Salzmann
Lisa Schmidt-Colinet
Inga Charlotte Thiele