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The academy is getting a new visual identity. In addition, our website will be technically revised, further developed and adapted step by step. We thank our visitors for their patience. You can find more information to the corporate design on the microsite.

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Every year, a growing number of highly-qualified graduates of all the study programs offered leave the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, ready to embark on their new career paths and lives. Their final works are all documented to provide a representative overview of the artwork of students at the Academy, and of the way they have contributed to arts-based research. By adopting a media data base, we have been able to document not only information, but also to develop a growing archive. These works are documented not only according to the academic structure but also based on their media, contents or topics reflected therein. Thus it is easy to find persons and works, as well as search for thematic issues.

What was therefore primarily constructed as pure documentation has thus turned out to be an active archive, which is easy to use. The option of extending and supplementing this data base continuously engenders the hope that graduates will retain their strong links to the Academy, and continue contributing to our common development of artistic, cultural and critical production of knowledge. The fact that we are going to cross-link this data base with other important archives and media data bases guarantees that the works by our graduates will become known beyond the boundaries of our university, but also serves to make the developments in artistic-scientific practice visible to the wider public.