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Every year at the end of January, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna invites visitors to the Open Days of the collections, classes and studios of all the institutes at all locations. These Open Days offer the opportunity to get to know the university's operations and gain insight into the ongoing work processes. Teachers and students from all institutes provide information and are looking forward to dialogue and discussion with the visitors.

In 2021, the whole year is going round!

Due to the current Covid 19 situation, this year's annual tour did not take place in the usual form in January, but instead goes "all year round!" The students of the academy, together with their teachers, have developed a variety of presentation options on different communication channels as well as in public space and thus offer a program that extends throughout the year. The formats range from streamed live performances to video programs, online conferences to web stores for editions and much more. In addition, occasional interventions and presentations, guided tours, etc. take place in the city's outdoor space. Our program is regularly updated and continuously expanded - you can find all current dates here.

Questions like, how do I become an art student? How does the application process work? Can I study to become a teacher at the Academy? and other information about the study of art is only available online from staff and students. The Student Welcome Center, the institutes and the ÖH offer regular appointments.