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Travel Allowances for doctoral resp. PhD candidates at the Academy

There is no submission deadline
Regular students of all doctoral studies and the PhD in Practice-Program of the Academy can apply for travel allowances for participations in international conferences as well as for realizations or presentation of art projects.

Humboldt Research Fellowship | Postdoctoral Research in Germany

Application is possible at any time
A Humboldt Research Fellowship for international postdoctoral researchers allows to carry out long-term research (6-24 months) in Germany.

Volkswagenstiftung | Mixed Methods in den Geisteswissenschaften für Workshops und Sommerschulen

Anträge sind laufend möglich

Die VolkswagenStiftung fördert mit dem Call "Mixed Methods in den Geisteswissenschaften" Vorhaben in den Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften, die die Verknüpfung und das Zusammenwirken von qualitativ-hermeneutischen und digitalen Verfahren anhand einer gemeinsamen wissenschaftlichen Fragestellung ausloten.

Work Scholarship | Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Deadline | 19.06.2017 - 23.06.2017

Work Scholarship is a one-year scholarship provided through the Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF) to support students who have completed their diploma project and have demonstrated high achievement.

Call for Papers | Students' Science Conference School of Architecture
Deadline | 26.06.2017

One-day international students’ science conference will focus on current research-related questions connected to education of architecture. The aim of the conference is to present various attitudes to teaching and offer a discussion platform.