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Deadline | 16.11.2009

Call for submission of concepts for artistic projects as a part of the bi-annual interdisciplinary project "The Library – Production of Memory"

Theater des Augenblicks / Competence Centre for International Cultural Networking and Consulting from Vienna, Austria, with co-organizers – National Library of Serbia from Serbia, Pro Rodopi Foundation from Bulgaria and Goreme Municipality from Turkey designed the collaborative project in the field of art and culture.

This project will last from October 2009 until September 30, 2011.

Geographically, “The Library – Production of Memory”-project focuses on Serbia (Belgrade and Vinca – Lepenski vir), Bulgaria (Sofia and Rhodope Mountains) and Turkey (Istanbul and Cappadocia). “The Library – Production of Memory” aims at developing new approaches to cultural comparative awareness in order to overcome thinking and acting in strictly national categories. The project intends to explore these issues by cross-border collaboration of artists and arts and/or cultural organizations. By providing artists from different European countries with the opportunity to collaborate, the project will treat cultural patterns and memory from numerous perspectives.

As part of a series of project activities, ten artists representing differing art forms will be invited to visit the project’s locations in Cappadocia (Turkey), Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria), Vinca – Lepenski vir (Serbia), as well as the cities of Istanbul (Turkey), Sofia (Bulgaria) and
Belgrade (Serbia) in order to translate and transform a memory mosaic into an interdisciplinary artistic language. Their creative output will be shown on selected locations, with the aim of creating a space for the production and staging of memories on the one hand in libraries, on
the other, in site-specific spots of rural localities.

The partner organizations gathered around “The Library – Production of Memory” invite artists from various European countries to submit concepts for artistic projects to participate in this bi-annual, interdisciplinary project.

The interested applicants should fulfill the following criteria and conditions:

  • Potential participants should come from the fields of performing arts,
  • music, documentary-making, visual and media arts, including installation, photography, textile design, as well as sound- and light design,
  • they should be interested in developing concepts for their artistic works, to conduct an artistic research and to produce art works in urban and rural localities of Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Austria,
  • they should be open for collaborative work, ready to exchange experiences, to work with the artistic leading team, moderators and their artistic peers,
  • they should have a considerable IT knowledge and show readiness to work and communicate online,
  • should have his/her own basic equipment necessary for his/her professional artistic work (such as photo camera, music instruments, laptops, etc.), and also be ready to share facilities (including living facilities).
  • Cross-cultural background is considered an asset.
  • Active knowledge of the English language is obligatory.

For detailed information about the project and its activities within a two-year-period, please refer to the Theater des Augenblicks at

Please submit the following:

  • CV and letter of motivation
  • Selection of previous works
  • Concept of an artistic project (up to two DIN-A4 pages) as part of

“The Library – Production of Memory”. Concepts open for involvement
and/or collaboration with other artists selected by this call are encouraged and eligible.

Submission documents and works are to be sent by regular mail to:
Theater des Augenblicks, Edelhofgasse 10, 1180 Vienna, Austria

An artistic committee will select ten artists and their concepts to join the project, develop and realize their ideas as a part of the interdisciplinary project “The Library – Production of Memory”. Artists who submitted concepts will be informed about the selection result by the end of November 2009.