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Deadline | 01.11.2009

In a bold attempt to identify the next, upcoming generation of European design practitioners, The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies announces the 2010 submission date for the European-wide Awards Program that identifies, promotes, and exhibits the next generation of European architects, landscape architects, urban planners, industrial, graphics and fashion designers under the age of 40.

"Europe 40 Under 40" is the annual initiative organized by The Europe Center to identify Europe’s most promising new talent and to spotlight the next generation of successful designers who will impact Europe's future living and working environments, cities, towns, and rural areas in the decades to come.

Sponsored by KONE Corporation and presented with The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, the program is open to all young designers and architects who are under the age of 40 as of December 31, 2009 and who are working independently or in a firm or on a specific project where they are the lead designer.
The 2010 submission deadline is NOVEMBER 1, 2009.

"Europe 40 Under 40" is open to European designers who are citizens of the European Union or in the countries of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Turkey, Lichtenstein, Albania, Monaco, Croatia, Andorra, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Bosnia-Hezergovina, Macedonia, Moldavia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Canary Islands, Faeroe Islands, and San Marino. A total of 47 European nations.
The program is coordinated with The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press, Ltd..

“Europe 40 Under 40,” states Ioannis Karalias, Museum Vice President, The Chicago Athenaeum, “is an annual program designed to celebrate the next new talented generation of European architects and designers.

The program,” he adds, “is directed to support new and emerging design talent that will influence the near future of European architectural design, thinking, and theory with the direct result of impacting future environments and future European and international living and working spaces. The key is to bring wider recognition to 40 of the most promising emerging designers working in the European Union and other countries inside Europe, fostering and encouraging new talent and new creative thinking at the forefront of the profession today."

Qualified architects, landscape architects, and product and graphic designers are invited to submit one-to-three (1 to 3) designs (in production or to be produced) to be judged by a panel of distinguished architectural practitioners, developers, architectural journalists, educators, and critics.

Last year, The European Centre received hundreds of submissions across Europe and 61 designers from 19 European nations were selected by a jury of Chicago architects.

In 2010, architects, landscape architects, and urban planners are invited to submit projects for corporate and commercial buildings, institutions, parks, cities, gardens, private houses, and interior and exterior environments.

For product and graphic designers, invited products include electronics, medical equipment, furniture, textiles, industrial equipment, tools, kitchen and bath, floor covering, table top, environments, exhibition design, household products, personal, office products, transportation, children 's products, sports and recreation, lighting, fashion, communication design, websites, marketing materials, promotional material, annual reports, and all other graphic designs.

Submissions are judged on the merit of design innovation with the emphasis of pushing the envelope beyond conventional methods and exploring new theories, ideas, and approaches to contemporary design. Additional criteria for evaluation include the use of the latest environmental technologies, the investigation of new materials, the incorporation of energy conservation and environmental consciousness in design, a practical sensitivity to the environment and to urban and rural surroundings and conditions.

The 2010 jury will select individual designers on the basis of submitted work and the potential of their impact on the future of the profession.
The results of “Europe 40 Under 40” are announced in summer 2010 and take the form of an exhibition that will open and travel inside Europe in the fall.

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