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Deadline | 07.09.2012

xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The Vice-Rectorate for Art | Research at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is currently accepting exhibition proposals for the academic year 2013/2014. The call applies to projects that can be realized in the exhibition space xhibit. Projects may be submitted that thematize this year's topic, "Sanieren" ("sanitize / readjust / improve / reconstruct / clean up") as well as those with themes outside of the topic.

About the topic of "sanieren"

The theme and the field of questions should capture interest and inspire an opening up to and presentation of the entire range of contradictory and antithetical definitions of this term.

sanitizing, clearing out, socio-political approaches, relational tension, reform, reconstruct, re-build, re-instate, repress, destroy, (value-)deterioration, healing, supposed healing, illusion, promise, migration - deviation, hope, sanitizing oneself (financially, but also hygienically) - insane - medical sanitation - sanitary - ailing- mens sana in corpore sana - santé - sanitas - cleaning up the city - complete refurbishment - Sanierungspaket ('austerity package') - sanitized to death - sanatorium - renovation - restoration . . .

The idea of 'sanieren' is the attainment of the status quo with a simultaneously accompanying and immanently possible reorganization. 'Sanieren' wants to be the new in the old, the improvement after a new structuring.

When is sanitizing necessary and which "effects" can be expect along with it?

What role does sanitizing play with regard to gentrification in urban spaces?

To what extent is sanitizing also always a (perhaps uncritical) holding of one's breath?

What effects does "sanitizing the body" have in the context of the much-cited "self-care" as a (socio-)political and economic factor?

The call is directed at students and staff and institutes of the Academy as well as persons outside of the Academy, as long as their projects create a connection to the Academy. Cooperations between the institutes, or between institutes and collections at the Academy, will be handled with preference.

Four to six exhibition projects are planned for the academic year 2013/2014.

Until 7 September 2012, concepts for exhibition projects, including a detailed expense and financing plan, may be submitted to the Vice-Rectorate for Art | Research. The service package for xhibit, which outlines the Academy's technical and organizational project support, is included in the call for proposals.

The following documentation must be submitted in a single PDF-document with a maximum size of 3 MB:

  • outlined description of exhibition concept (maximum 3 pages, plus images)
  • CV of the person submitting the proposal (maximum 1 page / person)
  • exhibition budget: breakdown of costs (production costs for new works, transportation, possible wages for external staff, supporting program), taking into account services made available by the Academy (see further below). As a maximum budget limit, the Academy makes available 7,000 euros per exhibition.
  • list of potential cooperation partners for additional grants / funding (finance plan)
  • indication of the preferred time frame for realization of the project

The Academy's newly established exhibition board approves the incoming concepts and recommends the selected projects to the Vice-Rectorate of Art | Research. Acceptance or non-acceptance of exhibition proposals will be announced in October 2012.

Requirements for realizing the projects

xhibit is a space providing publicity for contemporary art production and current art | research projects. A complex, transdisciplinary field of practice is given contour in the space of approx. 330 m2 comprising four rooms located adjacent to the painting gallery.

The planning, organization, and public relations for the shows at xhibit take place at the Office of Public Relations and Exhibition Management at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This specifically pertains to:

  • The production of exhibitions in collaboration with the project bidders: handling of the lending traffic, opening events, exhibition operation, ensuring preservation requirements, budget administration, etc.
  • Planning for exhibition aids and displays as well as assembly and disassembly, with the cooperation of the building's department for technical assistance and in conformance with the technical requirements for safety and construction.
  • Devices (beamer, monitors, DVD-players or media players) are made available whenever possible.
  • Production of printed matter at xhibit-Design: invitation (6,000 copies), folder 8-pages, banner at Schillerplatz and flag at Getreidemarkt.
  • Publicity including press conference, entry on the Academy homepage, electronic mailings and advertisements according to size of available budget.
  • Basic budget: fixed elements of exhibition production (e.g., wall texts, insurance, drinks at show opening, clean-up), exhibition operation (attendants, etc.), publicity, including printed matter. The budget amount available is tied to these services and may not be re-appropriated for other uses.
  • Operative budget: production of new works, transportation, displays, equipment rentals, wages, supporting program: according to the size of the submitted and available budget.

All services shall be rendered only within the time frame set by the Office of Public Relations and Exhibition Management.

Project submissions, including all required documents and materials in a single PDF file, must be received in the inbox of:

by 7 September 2012!