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Deadline | 15.05.2019

The OeAW awards up to eight fellowships per year to holders of a doctorate or PhD in the humanities and social and cultural sciences in order to assist in the transition to the post-doc phase.

OeAW | Apart GSK
Deadline | 15.05.2019

APART-GSK is a funding programme for excellent junior scholars in the humanities and the social and cultural sciences (GSK) in the first post-doc phase of their careers.

Call For Entries | Design Competiton: Posters And Flyers On Course Feedback
Deadline | 15.05.2019

The Quality Management Department at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna hereby invites students to submit design proposals for information posters and flyers on course feedback.

In the Academy’s course feedback, students may provide feedback, in the form of a questionnaire or student discussion, on courses and lectures they attend. Course feedback is coordinated by Quality Management and conducted at a different Academy Institute every study year. Students are thus given an opportunity to report back to teachers and heads of department what they liked about the teaching or course and what ought to be modified. The more students take part in the course feedback, the better. THEREFORE


¬ motivate students to take part in the course feedback;

¬ communicate that feedback is an important student participation tool in the area of teaching and studies;

¬ convey a positive image of the Academy’s course feedback;

¬ are created by students for students.


All students at the Academy (individuals or teams) are eligible for participation.


No later than May 15, 2019 by e-mail to

No more than 3 designs may be submitted per person or team. Identical design motifs are intended for the poster and the flyer. Submissions must contain press-ready, one or multicolor CI designs as well as typographic layouts in PDF format (suitable for DIN-A2 and DIN-A3 sized posters and DIN-A6 sized flyers, portrait or landscape format). The proposed design should either be bilingual (German and English) or be submitted in both a German and an English language version. Please note that the design must incorporate the Academy logo (previously mailed out to all students with the e-mail for this call or available upon request to

With their entry, participants confirm that they are the sole holders of any and all rights to their design. They also agree that the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna may publish, with authorship credit, their submitted entries in printed and digital form with an Academy logo placed on the design.


for the 3 best designs selected is 500 Euros each.


The winning entries will be selected by a jury. The jury members are: Martina Gaigg (Institute for Education in the Arts, IKL, Typography and Layout) | Christian Schwarzwald (Institute for Fine Arts, IBK, Studio of Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques) | Claudia Kaiser (Public Relations) | Astrid Fingerlos and Veronika Litschel (Quality Management) | 1 representative of the Austrian Students’ Union. The decision of the jury will be announced by June 21, 2019. Starting in the winter semester of 2019/20, the winning designs will be put up on posters and handed out as flyers at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


please go to:


For questions or other information please contact:
Astrid Fingerlos (Quality Management):; +43 (0)1 58816-2500

Call for Papers | Zeitschrift für Diversitätsforschung und –management
Deadline | 01.05.2019
Deadline | 01.08.2019

Für den Themenschwerpunkt werden Forschungsbeiträge gesucht, die sich empirisch wie theoretisch mit dem Potenzial diversitätssensibler bzw. -affirmativer Praktiken beschäftigen, die Möglichkeiten intersektional angelegter Identitätspolitiken diskutieren oder Konzepte wie Inklusion, Teilhabe oder Partizipation aus explizit diversitätsaffirmativer Perspektive weiterentwickeln.

Call | 3. Österreichische Doktorand_innensymposion der Architektur
Deadline Abstract | 30.04.2019
Deadline Paper | 30.09.2019

Call for Abstracts für Betreuer_innen und Doktorand_innen der Architektur oder architekturbezogener Themen.