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In 1998, Austrian art universities, among them the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, were awarded the status of "universities" by law. The Austrian Universities Act 2002 put art universities on a par with the so-called scientific universities, which means that ever since they have been entitled to award academic degrees, also in the field of doctoral studies.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers four doctoral programs: the philosophical doctorate, the technical doctorate (in Architecture), the scientific doctorate (natural sciences) and the PhD in Practice program. The latter was established in 2010 as a structured doctoral program in the field of arts based research. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna does not offer a purely artistic doctoral program as the Austrian Universities Act has merely defined a framework for scientific doctoral studies.

Please find more detailed information on the doctoral programs at:

Doctor of Philosophy/PhD

Doctor of Technical Sciences (Architecture)

Doctor of Science

PhD in Practice

Please find a List of Potential Dissertation and PhD Supervisors here to download.