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The Academy’s Exhibition Committee undertakes to formulate the call for the xhibit exhibition proposals, to assess submissions for the xhibit and xposit formats, and to develop suggestions for the program of the upcoming academic year. It consists of persons nominated by the Senate on the one hand and the Rector’s Office on the other. The Senate nominates six members from the representative body of professors and the non-professorial staff as well as two external members and—through the ÖH, the Austrian Students’ Union—two members of the students’ representative body. The Rector’s Office nominates two members of the Department of Public Relations and Exhibition Management and from the Directors’ Offices of the Paintings Gallery and the Graphic Collection. The Rector’s Office of the Academy nominates two curators working in Vienna as additional external members. The Vice Rector’s Office for Art | Research (without a vote) chairs the commission.

Exhibition Commitee Study Year 2017|18

Julia M. Nauhaus (Gemäldegalerie und Kupferstichkabinett)
Claudia Kaiser (Öffentlichskeitsarbeit)
Stephanie Damianitsch (Ausstellungsmanagement)
Lisa Schmidt-Colinet (IKA)
Michael Höpfner (IBK)
Luisa Kasalicky (IBK)
Jakob Krameritsch (IKL)
Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein (IKW)
Christian Kravagna (IKW)
Angela Stief (Kuratorin, extern)
Walter Seidl (Kurator, extern)
Anne Schmidt (ÖH)
Dayan Ozan Özoglu (ÖH)

Deputy members
Michael Part (IBK)
Constanze Ruhm (IBK)
Anette Baldauf (IKW)
Joonas Lahtinen (IKL)
Leander Gussmann (ÖH)
Jelena Micic (ÖH)

Without Voice
Chair of the Commission Andrea B. Braidt (Vice-Rector for Art | Research)
Christine Rogi (Assistence)