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]a[ xhibit
Opening | 01.10.2015, 7.00 p.m.
Exhibition dates | 02.10.2015 - 08.11.2015

Opening hours: Tue–Sun, 10.00 a.m.–6.00 p.m., free access
Special opening days:
Long Night of Museums: Sat, 03.10.2015 / 10.00 a.m.–1.00 a.m.
Open on 26.10.2015 and 01.11.2015 / 10.00 a.m.–6 p.m.

Artists: Franz Bergmüller, Marcin Dudek, Judith Fegerl, Erich Gruber, Doris Theres Hofer, Stefan Klampfer, Kris Lemsalu, Philips Angel van Middelburg, Nicole Miltner, Domenico Mühle, Raimund Pleschberger, Markus Proschek, Almut Rink, Hans Schabus, Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, Siegfried Zaworka

In cooperation with the Paintings Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Curator: Siegfried Zaworka

]a[ xperiment
Eröffnung | 09.10.2015, 7.00 p.m.
Ausstellungsdauer | 10.10.2015 - 23.10.2015
]a[ xposit
Opening | 16.10.2015, 1.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Each semester, works by three alumni recommended by professors at the Academy are exhibited in the offices of the Rectorate.

This semester, works by the artists Andrea Haas (Art and Education under Elke Krasny) and Anastasiya Yarovenko (Figurative Painting under Kirsi Mikkola), as well as by the architect Edward George Lloyd (under Hannes Stiefel) are on display.


Didactic program

]a[ xhibit
Date | 14.10.2015, 4.00 p.m.

Didactic program in the contect of the exhibition Revers de Trompe
from 02.10. - 08.11.2015.