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Opening | 08.01.2019, 7.00 p.m.
Date | 09.01.2019 - 19.01.2019
Venue | halfway, Halbgasse 3-5, 1070 Vienna

Dividuality of Spaces / Spaces of Dividuality is the first chapter of „Curating the Urban. On Spatializing Urban Conditions”. A project by Christina Nägele, Heidi Pretterhofer and Christian Teckert with Linda Lackner.

Opening hours:  Wednesday – Saturday, 3 pm to 6 pm


© Wolfgang Thaler


Film screening and artist talk: 10.1.2019, 7 pm

  • Helen Knowles: The Trial of Superdebthunterbot (2016; 45min)

Dividuality of Spaces / Spaces of Dividuality deals with architectural and urban phenomena which are symptomatic of an increasingly dividual form of contemporary subjectivity. Dividual Spaces represent a fundamental transformation of spatial concepts, where divided and divisible spaces correspond to "prosumer" subjects and their multiple roles, which increasingly seem to be algorithmically pre-determined.

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Jorge Almazan defined Dividual Spaces as characterized by temporal and commercial on-demand access, spatial compartmentalization and the outsourcing of a multiplicity of formerly private functions, resulting in market-driven and permanently monitored, evaluated, modulated and increasingly algorithmically designed architectural typologies. The phenomenon of spatial dividuality is part of a fundamental re-structuring of urban environments defined by neo-liberalism, an economy of debt, and a culture of technology-based anticipation. The subsequent radical gaps and fissures in society increasingly manifest themselves in sometimes extreme difference in (access to) architectural space.

Dividuality of Spaces / Spaces of Dividuality gathers elements of research, investigation, artistic productions, spatial settings in an attempt to create a platform and spatialize a discourse on contemporary urban questions.
halfway is a site for the spatialization of acute urban phenomena; a space in which methods of artistic research inform a practice of urban curating; a laboratory in which social relationships are translated into design.
“Curating the Urban. On Spatializing Urban Conditions” is funded by the Program for Arts-Based Research (PEEK AR 00405) of the Austrian Science Fund FWF and is hosted by the Institute of Art and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Collaborations with Jorge Almazan and Urban Subjects (Sabine Bitter, Jeff Derksen, Helmut Weber).
Works by Bêka & Lemoine, Helen Knowles, Marlene Maier
Further contributions by Ryo Abe, Edwina Hörl & SO-BA, John Cheney-Lippold, Esperanza Miyake, Peter Mörtenböck & Helge Mooshammer, Lina Morawetz, Roman Seidl, Astrid Seme, Felix Stalder, Eszter Steierhoffer, Wolfgang Thaler, Roemer van Toorn, Ignacio Valero, Sarah Widmer.