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Conservation and Restoration of Mural Paintings / Architectural Surfaces
Room | M 0.8B
Focus D

This section is defined by the architectural context of its projects and by the complexity of the materials encountered.

Students are not only involved in the conservation of murals, including ceiling paintings, but also in that of decorative elements such as stencil painting, sgraffito, various plastering systems, stucco marble, stucco lustro and façade decoration. In many cases, students will be required to cooperate closely with other disciplines regarding both theory and practice.

The essential aim of the program is to teach students a methodical approach. Based on research of the respective artistic and/or manufacturing techniques, students examine and interpret the condition of an object, and the type and extent of the damage. Documentation includes mapping and photographic techniques; in addition, a damage catalog has to be generated. Students will then proceed to develop conservation concepts which are put into practice within the scope of pilot projects. Other key areas of this section include presentation, preventive conservation, maintenance and monitoring as well as building physics and climate control.

Four students working on the walls of the room, one is standing on a scaffolding. Mapping of mural paintings in Schloss Ober St. Veit, Vienna, Photo © IKR 

Numerous fragments are carefully lined up on tables, one student is sitting behind a computer. Examination of fragments of a middle-age wall painting from Gozzoburg in Krems, Photo © IKR

Plan and sketch of the ceiling painting Mapping of a ceiling painting, Salvatorsaal, Pfarre Mariahilf, Vienna, Photo © IKR 


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