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Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Sculpures
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This section is devoted to the conservation of paintings on various types of support (especially wood and textile carriers such as canvas, as well as metal or cardboard) and of polychrome, three-dimensional works of art. The spectrum ranges from medieval panel paintings and paintings on canvas from all periods to 20th-century art. Students will work on objects from private and public collections as well as within the context of monument preservation. By dealing with formats from small paintings to large-scale altarpieces, students will acquire a wide range of conservation strategies and skills.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is the only educational institution in Austria teaching conservation and restoration of polychrome sculpture on the academic level. Therefore special emphasis is put on this field of sub-specialization.

Head of a sculpture that is being cleaned. Surface cleaning with Agar-Gel, Photo © Doris Hassler 

Student working on a canvas Consolidation of paint layer, Photo © Matthias Müller  

Colorful layers of paint Cross-section, Photo © Matthas Müller  


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