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Fashions and Styles negotiates fashions, styles, and identities and situates them at the intersections of design, art, and society. Students learn the foundations of craft, design and subject-specific discourse and didactics with the goal to enable them to initiate, design, guide, and reflect creative processes in pedagogical situations.

The structural changes in contemporary societies brought about by globalization, migration, new economies and increasing social inequality are also transforming the field of art and design education. 

Fashions and Styles engages the construction of embodied identities and works on the re-design and de-stereotyping of normative fashions and of corporeal and gender identities. The program provides students with the needed practical, technical, artistic, theoretical, and didactic skills, whereby emphasis is placed on perspectives and approaches informed by intersectionality, the postcolonial condition, and the impact of migration on society. Following Cultural Studies, the concept of “style,” therein, reflects self-will, everyday practices, and migratory histories of (youth-)cultural actors. The foundation for such studies is a research-oriented teaching approach in artistic, didactic and scientific practice in the field of Fashion and Textile Studies.

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