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The Design and Context program at the Institute for Education in the Arts negotiates the relationship between people and things. In the framework of the program, design signifies the function-oriented practice of developing, producing, and using objects, architectures, and spaces in a social environment.

Design and Context links the procedural requirements of development and production with analyses, methods, and knowledge from the fields of design and architectural theory, of Material Cultural Studies, critique of technology, theories of globalization, gender theories, and Postcolonial Studies. Didactic and teaching oriented aspects of the program are taught in close relation to practical aspects of the three core subjects (Technology; Product | Design; Architecture | City | Space), thus opening up possibilities for an integrated understanding of material as well as social design processes.

Together with the two other art and education focused programs offered at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – Art and Education and Fashions and Styles – the Design and Context program offers students a unique opportunity of a combined course of study.

All three programs include art and cultural pedagogy at the Institute for Education in the Arts in order to provide students with the principles of the educational sciences and preparatory pedagogical training.

All three art and education bachelor programs offer consecutive master studies.

The Design and Context program fulfills the qualification requirements for teaching positions in secondary schools. The program also aims for its graduates to have the practical and reflective skills that are the basis of project and mediation work in culture- and knowledge-based environments.

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