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The teacher training program Contextual Design - Design, Architecture, and Education focuses on specific aspects of design. Study foci are product cultures, the complex of architecture-space-environment and - one of its leitmotifs - the relationship between design and context. This program has been conceived in a way which ensures that its content can always be simultaneously negotiated on different levels: in the field of design and production, experimental, model-like and concrete projects are realized; students critically reflect and analyze the preconditions and consequences of design; the pedagogical part focuses on the development and test of didactic and communicative projects for school and other contexts. The close links to the other teacher training programs at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offer students the ideal combination of study fields. Recently, the course also includes Pedagogy, Arts and Culture as part of a pedagogical training at the Institute for Education in the Arts.

Graduates of the teacher training program Contextual Design are qualified to teach at secondary schools but have also gained practical and reflective competence for projects or teaching assignments in the cultural sphere, in knowledge transfer and in othercreative contexts.

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