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EduArtMusic is an interuniversity platform for the Education in the Arts program covering the subjects

  • Arts and Visual Education
  • Music
  • Technical and Textile Arts and Crafts.

The project is based with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Education in the Arts Institute) and cooperates with the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Center of Didactics for Art and Interdisciplinary Teaching) and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Institute of Music Pedagogical Research, Music Didactics and Elemental Music Making).

The interuniversity platform EduArtMusic strives

  • to productively develop and help design the qualification of mentors for the artistic teaching subjects in pedagogical-practical studies and the induction phase (subject-specific and art-genre-tailored access to the two modules “Teaching and learning from a vocational-field-specific and subject-didactic point of view” of the university course “Mentoring: Professional support for the entry into professional life” of the North-East Development Association)
  • to provide and professionalize sustainable networking structures by and for actors in and between schools and universities/colleges (students, teachers, graduates, career starters in and after the induction phase, mentors, teachers at schools, headmasters)
  • to strengthen and hone the Education in the Arts programs in all school forms