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Pedagogy, Arts and Culture provides the pedagogical and science of education component of the art and education programs for the Diploma, bachelor and master studies at the Institute for Education in the Arts.

In Pedagogy, Arts and Culture, students acquire a profound theoretical and practical knowledge of educational sciences and pedagogy, preparing them for professional practice in pedagogical contexts, especially in school environments, and for initiating, shaping, accompanying, and reflecting artistic- and design-oriented educational processes.

Students learn about theories and research on the relationship between education and society, about how to create environments in which pedagogical practice can tested, critically observed, and reflected in a theory-driven manner. They will become sensitive to changes in perspective and learn to continuously negotiate afresh the possibilities and boundaries of education, teaching, and learning.

Office hours: on appointment, room 2.18
P +43(1)58816-9400
Office hours: on appointment, room 2.17
P +43(1)58816-9410
Office hours: on appointment, room 2.17
P +43(1)58816-9411

Faculty Pedagogy, Arts and Culture