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The Studio Pedagogy, Arts and Culture comprises the pedagogic-scientific professional training for the diploma studies offered by the Institute for Education in the Arts. Research-based teaching deals with current issues of education, upbringing and teaching and provides students with an insight into scientific practice(s).

Research and teaching at the Studio Pedagogy, Arts and Culture focus on the relationship between education, culture and society in order to explore the concrete possibilities, methods and intervention strategies of the mediation of art, and of cultural and artistic education. For this, we rely on conveying a democratizing understanding of education, which enables the subject to deal with hegemony, difference and conflict critically but with involvement.

The Studio Pedagogy, Arts and Culture is the first institutionalized alliance established in the German-speaking sphere that links pedagogical training with artistic-creative education and subject-didactic and practical school training, and this has considerably strengthened the transdisciplinary profile of our teacher training programs.

Office hours: Mon 3.30 – 4.30 p.m.,on appointment
P +43(1)58816-9400
Office hours: Wed 10.00 am – noon and on appointment, 3rd floor
P +43(1)58816-9410
F +43(1)58816-9399
University assistant
Sabbatical until 30.9.2015
P +43(1)58816-9411