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The academy is getting a new visual identity. In addition, our website will be technically revised, further developed and adapted step by step. We thank our visitors for their patience. You can find more information to the corporate design on the microsite.

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The newly established field of Gender and Space investigates the idea of Space generally with a special focus on Gender. The category Space is understood and treated as an open concept that can mean things like the exhibition space, social space, virtual space, space as context, bodies in space or space as a stage and structure for content, forms and objects etc. The basis for our critical investigation into the field are feminist, decolonial and queer critiques of presentation and representation, as well as a deconstruction of social constructs like subject and object, which play a central role in the definition of public vs. private space, exhibiting and making art.

In one room there is a yellow and pink scaffolding that suggests a room with 2 round corners. Stefanie Seibold, Joy in Repetition II (pink and yellow version), 2019, © photo: Pascal Petignat