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Date | 10.06.2021, 11.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Venue | Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Augustinerstraße 1, 1010 Wien

A film screening of Beom-Seok Cho, student at the Film and Art department of Prof. Thomas Heise at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


Due to the current situation, only an internal screening of max. 10 people will take place.
The event is not part of the Film Museum's in-house program.

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Despite these unusual times we are currently in, we are very excited to be able to present in the Austrian Film Museum.

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Danube river
A 60 year old man from Iran, Kuimars Goodarzi, who lives in Vienna, Austria, is making a little fire by the river. He collects small branches for the fire. Starting the fire takes a long time and then it gets wiped out too quickly.

A part of the film “The Danube River”. A man is starting a little campfire by the river. The smoke is all around him. The smoke keeps going. Danube river / filmstill / © 2019 Cho Beomseok 

How can one illuminate one’s inner light? Where does the distinction between “Me” and “us” come from? These questions lie in the core of this film. The film Rays follows the images of the blind and the sighted which are formed and mirrored for different reasons.

A part of the film “Rays”. Many people are gathered around the pond in front of the Karlskirche. But the image is an inverted reflection of the pond’s surface. Rays / filmstill / © 2020 Cho Beomseok 

This movie is about a man called Osman Porcha (59) who has a little garden on his roof terrace. The protagonist is trying to build a little paradise there. The film not only shows how he spends his time and his spaces, but also uncausal images that do not create actions or units containing any change of directions for the films plot.

A part of the film “Imprint”. A man is touching the banana tree on his balcony. His eyes are closed. Imprint / filmstill / © 2021 Cho Beomseok 

An encounter
An encounter is a documentary film of the movements and curiosity of the protagonist Thea (28). This film is not just about Thea’s life, but also about documentary framework. She rarely shows her true self in front of the camera, but some kind of play which I didn’t expect. Yet her staging is more like a possibility that a reality in which she herself could be an image or at least picture herself as one. Or we completely misunderstand each other. But I am not trying to show Thea here anyway. I am trying to depict a cinematic reality from all the material. What guarantees for a documentary framework? For me it’s the question of what I may film and what I am allowed to show. Sometimes I really had to turn off my camera.

A part of the film “An encounter”. A woman is lighting a candle in the dark. She directly looks into the flame. An encounter / filmstill / © 2022 Cho Beomseok 


11:30 The Danube River_2019_30 Min_Black & White_stereo_documentary_Austria
12:30 Rays_2020_65 Min_Black & White_5.1_German_English(Sub)_documentary_Austria, Germany
14:00 Imprint_2021_65 Min_Color, Black & White_stereo_German_English(Sub)_Audio description for visually impaired person and Blind-German_documentary_Austria
15:30 An encounter_2022_72 Min_Black & White_5.1_German_Korean_Japanese_English(Sub)_documentary_Austria
(Diploma / Art and Film / Prof. Thomas Heise / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)


Beom-Seok Cho ( b.1986, South Korea )
lives and works in Vienna and Seoul.
Since 2017 Diploma / Art and Film / Prof. Thomas Heise / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
2021 Guest Student / Drawing / Prof. Veronika Dirnhofer / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
2015 Master / Sculpture / Prof. Kyu-Chul Ahn / Korea National University of Arts (Seoul,South Korea)
2013 Bachelor / Sculpture / Prof. Jin-Hwan Bae / Korea National University of Arts (Seoul, South Korea)


The Danube River_30’_documentary_2019_Austria