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Date | 14.12.2021, 6.00 p.m.
Venue | Online

Book presentation Farid Hafez (ed.), The 'Other' Austria. Life in Austria beyond white male heteronormative German Catholic dominance, New Academic Press, Vienna 2021.

Organised by the Studio for Post-conceptual Art / IBK / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in cooperation with DEPOT - KUNST UND DISKUSSION, Vienna.

Registration: depot@depot.or.at


The authors of this book deal with four categories along which things are done differently: Gender, Race, Language and Religion. And, at the same time, they work with  ambivalences that shape the lives of marginalised people against the backdrop of the dominance of an imagined white male heteronormative German Catholic identity constructionn.  Some of the contributions in this book discuss what it means to be marked as "other" and how this "other" is suppressed and made invisible.

With contributions by Noomi Anyanwu, Almina Besic, Andreas Brunner, John Bunzl, Ali Dönmez, Arwa Elabd, Cvetka Lipus, Dzeneta Karabegovic, Sladjana Mirkovic, Bianca Tanase, Katharina Tyran

Book presentation with: 

  • Noomi Anyanwu, speaker of the referendum Black Voices 
  • Ali Dönmez, speech therapist and teacher for German as a second and foreign language 
  • Farid Hafez, political scientist, Institute for Political Science at the University of Salzburg / Senior Research Fellow Georgetown University 
  • Sladjana Mirkovic, President of the Austrian Student Association of Roma  (HOeR)

Asma Aiad, photographer and conceptual artist, curator, Vienna
Marina Grzinic, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna