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Ashley Hans Scheirl | What I aim to do with my work:

1. Motivate students to work and think autonomously.

2. Promote "trans" topics and practices: Queerness, Trans-Media, Trans-Genre, and Transgender.

3. Stimulate contextual ethical awareness (in social, economic, political and cultural contexts), individual as well as collective agency (capacity to act) and artistic work in public places of activity.

4. Con/Text: to adress the work's possible relationship to language in discussions and text-work.

5. Where does my body begin and end within global interconnectedness? What do certain materials, technologies, working techniques, as well as social, political and financial contexts and conditions of production mean for our bodies? Experiencing the body as both the subject and the recipient in exhibition and event spaces: Cyborg Body Art!

6. Reflecting on sexuality in the context of media and the latter's power relations: which charges it with meaning and shapes our practices and phantasies.

7. Establishing a dynamic relation between the performative characters of art, art production and being-an-artist. What does "performative" mean for gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity and other identity markers, at the interface with Life Art and the Art of Life?

8. Constructive, objective feedback, open discussions and a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.